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Unknown 3 years ago
And he just didn't care
3 years ago
Yooo thats fkn distugsting no joke i gaged
Nasty shit 3 years ago
That shit so gross
Too long 3 years ago
When you haven't had head in a long time, you too wouldn't give a fuck
Be4Real 3 years ago
They got her high and took advantage of her.
2 years ago
love how he smacked her ass while she throws up on his cock
Buke 2 years ago
If you never throat fucked a chick till she pukes you missing out. I know it seems nasty but that puke is so warm once it hits your dick and feels like heaven
Qtf 3 years ago
Your so sick like... 3 years ago
Your so sick like...
2 years ago
men like this deserve to be worshipped